The Fastest Route

Remember those days when you made abrupt stops on the way to ambush unsuspecting passersby on the road to ask for directions? Some would genially give you detailed instructions, others would shake their head and apologize for not having a clue themselves while yet others would go the extra step and give you local tips... Continue Reading →


A Rainy Day Ramble

What comes to your mind when you wake up to a cloudy, overcast day that is ready to pour down any minute?  Do you find it cozy and idyllic? Or do you find it downright depressing? As for me, it's the latter. I hate rainy days, always have. As much as I whine about the... Continue Reading →

A Tie Story

It is around four in the evening when two ladies march into my room and announce they will now be doing my hair and makeup for the evening. I glance up at them, smile hesitantly, and say hi before sitting in front of the vanity table. It is the evening of my first day after... Continue Reading →

The Little Green Patch

Every time I visit her, my aunt would take me around her garden and show me all the new plants she planted since my last visit. Some were bought at the nursery; others were sometimes rescued from a nearby temple or a neighbor who decided to clear the land for construction. My aunt had a... Continue Reading →

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